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a better overview for your PHP microservices' internals and interactions

Welcome to SOARCE


SOARCE is a combination of a web application and a composer package that aims to bring clarity into the fog of legacy applications that have any combination of the following flaws: undocumented or wrongfully documented source, no unit tests, heavy use of global and/or static variables, magic methods, hooks, … and since we liked the challenge, applications that are split into (micro)services.

With SOARCE, for most cases, all you need to do is install one dev-requirement into each of your services or applications, make sure xdebug is available in their docker containers and then fire up and config the main SOARCE application. Our goal was to make this as minimal invasive as possible..

After doing so, you will be able to run any integration or end-to-end test suite and have SOARCE automatically gather and analyse a lot of helpful information in real time in the background: Code coverage, function call traces, request parameters and service call sequences.

The SOARCE web application provides a set of helpful views on the collected data with a set of filters to make searching easy and also reduce noise:


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Application / Server

Plugin / Client